I'm So NY 4

DJs: DJ Hitz
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1:34 AM September 19, 2009 drdee said:

ny hip hop hands down is the best if it wasn't for east coast hip hop fag *** west coast hip hop wouldn't be **** kets keep the **** real marshmellow *** nigga
1:27 AM September 19, 2009 drdee said:

loyd banks is bull**** the only reason he's still in the game is because of 50 nuff said
9:12 PM July 23, 2009 mdollab45 said:

9:12 PM July 23, 2009 mdollab45 said:

**** max B DAT **** WAS WACK
4:14 AM January 29, 2009 YaBoyJuice said:

cube ? ya boy ? bishop lamont ?
2:10 AM January 13, 2009 jayda said:

yesss get em kiss gett em..god damn..besides kiss basically everyone else is **** barring nas and jay..its a shame wat waynes doing maybe i shud start rapping about lollipops and girls sucking my ****..ill probly get a record deal
6:50 PM January 11, 2009 keemp21 said:

name one west side rapper dats saying sumthing instead of Game the west been DEAD since death row fell off
4:15 PM January 11, 2009 GATZ32NDSIDE said:

Ny, Ny we go hard, we go hard, Marshknotts is a biitch, a Fuucking Biitch!!!! What!!