Ace Hood - Starvation 4

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7:21 PM September 5, 2016 tdbaldwin1998 via iOS App:

I've heard better from ace
5:58 AM August 9, 2016 Will78 said:

Ace, just do both styles. All of these songs can be radio hits, just mix them up with your other styles. These radio hits is how you get paid. "Great Mix Tape"
2:51 PM March 7, 2016 BizzyBreeze said:

ace hood been dat dude a lot of rappers been jackin his flow. when you learn real rap then you could call some one trash
2:21 AM February 25, 2016 willielindquist said:

fire fire!!!
2:01 AM January 3, 2016 tdbaldwin1998 via iOS App:

This is actually 🔥🔥
9:52 AM December 15, 2015 Geethageneral via iOS App:

I jus got carried away...
2:19 PM December 12, 2015 rayday50412 said:

Trash Can
6:50 PM December 9, 2015 realniggaloso said:

this was really bad...