Corey Gunz - Beast Out The East

DJs: DJ 4Sho
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10:18 PM March 6, 2011 kerrip said:

Lol damn skippy @msbrianneduh. Word Wayne & CoryGunz be killn idt.Dese mugfucxas jux dnt knoe whdt real lyrical niqqas posta sound like!
9:09 PM February 5, 2011 msbrianneduh said:

umm to @jaydra stfu if its pathetic y the **** u on his mixtape page..moron
11:41 AM June 2, 2009 nyneshellshoc said:

fuccccccccccc weezy :)
3:11 PM January 24, 2009 yatta32 said:

gamble on me is tha hottest song on here
6:46 PM January 21, 2009 DramaKingRT said:

That gamble on me beat is ill as ****
3:47 PM January 14, 2009 Jazzyf said:

NO DRAMA i5 fkire. i agkree wit DatNiqqaRansom he i5 da fkuture. he gt a mixd fklolw. kinda jada, em, an ov korse hi5 own 5tyl
2:04 AM January 13, 2009 jayda said:

yess corey gunz ive been waiting 4 another low-life no-talent prick 2 come back..join wayne my friend..the pathetic era of rap has only just begun
3:29 PM January 12, 2009 blaze132madave said:

Peter Gunz Is His Dad You Know Uptown Baby That Nigga