Southern Slaughter 13

DJs: DJ 4Sho
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9:53 AM September 8, 2010 nate305 said:

BG nigga
12:28 PM October 14, 2009 stick_4_lyfe said:

Yes sir!! Zoe Pound
3:10 PM October 1, 2009 getmoney2891 said:

wut chall no bout k rino
12:58 AM January 22, 2009 yungicon12 said:

ayyyy jOkerr be spittinn !

aqua makesss thiss tapeee
12:30 PM January 17, 2009 bunnb91 said:

yo that nigga gucci is wak on dis ****......nigga get of the mic
4:08 PM January 13, 2009 dibireppin06 said:

what!! how u gonna have a southern mixtape with out my boy Chamillionaire
4:17 AM January 13, 2009 datboiq said:

If you hattin on any nigga gettin money, kill yourself!!!!!!!!! White folk stick to what yall understand that rock ****!!!!! Quit hattin tha south!!!!!
1:23 AM January 13, 2009 jayda said:

what's the cumulative IQ of these degenerates..i cant even understand these ****s much less consider them as deaf grandmother wudnt even bother listenin 2 this garbage