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1:33 AM January 7, 2011 fukitt said:

ne-yo is not a homo***ual his ex girlfriend started that **** he has a baby and a new woman y'all r not with him so NEXT!!!
12:06 PM March 6, 2009 sxi_azz_taj said:

damn wat tha fuk? no nu shyt??
1:40 AM January 15, 2009 jason_Add said:

That Ne-Yo shyt is hot that beat just killed it
3:09 PM January 14, 2009 dabroz said:

neyo songz be good....but i dont how he sing about a girl when he is homo?........
7:36 AM January 13, 2009 brooger said:

my nigga neyo jus killed it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:58 AM January 13, 2009 jayda said:

wen is this t-pain degenerate gonna go out of style..id rather stick nails to my eyelids than listen 2 this autotone (i can't sing but im somehow makin money) piece of ****..he has butchered the art of singing forever
11:50 PM January 12, 2009 wuttheefuck said:

3:14 PM January 12, 2009 l3l21AN said:

the ne-yo song on number 7 will be on the radio quick. dat ****z hott!!