Lil Wayne - I Am Music

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1:53 PM June 30, 2012 wwe345 said:

welll people of the world tupac and b.i.g did not even seee the age of 26 so there for lil wayne is the best rapper alive
6:54 PM June 2, 2011 DreamCaster said:

srry for the bad bad english lol i tried to fit everything
6:53 PM June 2, 2011 DreamCaster said:

wayne is gud bt he tlks bout sme ****!BIG nd pac rapped bout wt was real.der life der moments.der strugles der hood.nd dey wil always b coldest den ders em den mayb wayne bt yall tripin if u dnt agre
11:00 AM February 14, 2011 mathangthang said:

you must be sippin on the same **** as wayne if you think he's better than tupac and biggie. that's like sayin Lebron is the best to ever play the game smh
9:32 PM November 29, 2010 masta3 said:

4all yall hatin right now including you bbarbie mo like wanna bbarbie
1:26 PM November 18, 2010 bbarbie said:

WHOA WAIT lil wayne will never be on tupac level tupac was rapping about **** lil wayne can't even think that TUPAC is in a total differnet category then LIL WAYNE PERIOD
5:29 PM June 29, 2010 vjh0505 said:

lil wayne is the best there is.. betta than.... eminem.. betta than tupac(R.I.P)... biggie(R.I.P) and evryone.. DRAKE is gettin there too *****essss
9:43 AM January 3, 2010 YoungBoone said:

I'm on my Louie **** today **** sum gucci mane!!! Weezy F. Baby is the musician on the radio today and he earned the right to be called the greatest when he sold 1.1 mill the first day!