Trapboi Muzic 84 (Free Gucci Edition)

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3:55 PM November 17, 2015 sleep989 said:

G herbo go da hardest on this mixtape
6:16 PM November 16, 2015 cuzzkilla via Mobile:

Gmas a whole ***** in a half komputer gangstas
11:11 AM November 16, 2015 gucci1017BS via Mobile:

I'm in here getting this paper Gmas u hating on livemixtapes **** nigga get your money up I'm in jail making more then u
2:51 AM November 16, 2015 gmas said:

Gucci inside.getting jacked up the *** haha **** boy
1:08 PM November 14, 2015 Rossetti_Don via Mobile:

Before you open tha door, check that peephole, iz ya crazy!!
12:59 PM November 14, 2015 Rossetti_Don via Mobile:

If it ain't trap boy muzic, it ain't poppin. Put it on my mama.
6:58 AM November 14, 2015 aairjordan23 said:

Should have put k camp song free guwop
5:55 AM November 14, 2015 irvdaperv via iOS App:

Waka spazzed! Free Guwop