Straight Outta Trap House III

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8:15 PM December 15, 2015 Bckoolay1 said:

Lol that mixtape cover look like a school photo
11:43 PM December 2, 2015 ypool43 said:

spark up that juicy jay purple trip blunt, and put on #17 down that gangsta lane and show them what real gangsta thuggin beats are. #17 riding dirty
11:56 PM November 18, 2015 gmas said:

**** tmm103 hating *** nigga
9:29 AM November 18, 2015 Dreadman72 said:

look like tmm103 got shown f***boi posting on this site bet you a h** in your weak hood
1:38 AM November 18, 2015 gmas said:

Haha @ tmm103 😂
2:07 PM November 17, 2015 Tmm103 said:

Djsuspence dont get mad cuz this tape is wack and it took 3 djs to put this wack Sht out the cover look gay as a matter of fact all your tapes are weak real talk so shut up before i let the world know what site u get your old songs from fck Boy
11:03 AM November 17, 2015 ldee2163 via Mobile:

Mixtape cover look like kevin gates school photo
10:01 AM November 17, 2015 Drummatic said:

#27 The beat is fire