SMKA - The 808 Experiment, Vol. 1

There is no denying the burgeoning underground hip-hop culture in Atlanta. Whether it's hister-hop or gritty traphouse rap, the ATL has been serving up a bevy of unsigned and under appreciated artists until now. Enter 808 Blake and 7King, two virtually unknown local producers who have created a vehicle for promoting the music they love so much. Entitled The 808 Experiment, their indie release paints a perfect picture of the eclectic musical nature of the talent coming from the Dirty. From classic Roland 808's to playing with elements of live instrumentation and extraterrestrial synths, anyone who wants to know about what the A has to offer, needs to look no further than this exceptional release. Rolling Out caught up with the producers and their business partner Mike Walberg to talk Atlanta hip-hop, the meaning behind "amoeba music" and naming themselves after Andre 3000's offspring.
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5:34 PM November 18, 2010 daleyo8 said:

6:39 PM January 26, 2010 Littlejoey22 said:

Heart breaker is the ****... good mix tape
6:36 PM December 21, 2009 IAMINHERE said:

2:46 PM June 18, 2009 amaesingproductions said:

Anyone hatin on this tape needs to get slapped upside the head! Im out here in the Bay & this **** goes...I mean everytrack slaps, & is on point with the production game...ORIGINAL! **** goes...
6:27 PM January 20, 2009 gooddogman said:

i bump this **** every day. i am from new york and this **** go hard. RAWR.
9:52 PM January 17, 2009 mickydubs said:

this is my ****...
2:49 PM January 17, 2009 kapothegreat88 said:

this mixtape hot. niggas now dont know originality in hip-hop. niggas always talking about the same ****. and if it aint lil wayne or some other niggas why it gotta be wack? its different.
1:18 AM January 17, 2009 brentwal92 said:

I've been drinkin is my ****tttt