P.Martin, Day1 & Shot - Blue Franklin Jug Up 2


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3:43 AM November 29, 2015 Dman35 said:

Aye I need to see a vid to that ask for that sh*t too cold
12:17 PM November 25, 2015 PedroGotIt said:

Heard a nigga was talking down so we pulled up with the sticks on the net he sounding real tuff but in person he act like a b*tch yall got my Texas boys T'd
9:24 AM November 23, 2015 Vell1000 said:

Number 2 and 3 best tracks on here
5:53 PM November 22, 2015 AjRealFinesser313 said:

All I do is jug n*gga this tape low key decent
10:52 AM November 22, 2015 PappyBoi23 said:

Day1 and P.Martin the truth
10:47 AM November 22, 2015 Chapo34 said:

Why that ask for go so hard real trap anthem
10:53 AM November 20, 2015 MelWorld said:

That ask for Chiraq street Anthem yall music something tough #Salute
9:56 AM November 19, 2015 ShotIMNITGANG said:

Gang Chicago product #IMNIT THE LABEL Salute To My Boys. Whole Chiraq & Livemixtapes