Daggering Madness 2

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11:23 AM April 11, 2013 Bkthug98 said:

I think we all got our own teast when it come to music. but believe me this **** right here is hot
11:04 PM August 7, 2011 Eazze said:

downloadin this now
10:31 PM July 15, 2011 JumpJunkieJoe said:

I don't know why this is in the negative, but I'm voting it up and downloading it now. We need more good Dancehall on this site
5:44 AM July 24, 2010 virgo93 said:

that artist from Zimbabwe killed them all
9:09 AM May 3, 2010 aegoon24 said:

dis is funny
7:33 PM November 29, 2009 jamalw said:

lol im guessing none of yall arent jamaican and dont understand jamaican music thats why this is a negative
8:17 PM November 15, 2009 mario_costa said:

the cover is the best thing about the mixtape
2:32 AM August 21, 2009 selectajay said:

Its not a wack mixtape.The jugglin is cool..The intro was corny tho.Otherwise it was ok ca nuff chune deh.Nuff artist ah get promote pon di scene!..cant 4get the cover sellll offfff to Blood clltt!