Darien G - The Buscar EP

DJs: Moomba+
Our newest release comes from young New Jersey DJ/producer Darien G with an Latin/Cumbia House EP called 'The Buscar'. Darien pays respect to classic Cumbia songs by giving them a fresh breath of air for the dancefloor with this EP containing three tracks. The title track, 'Buscar' starts off with a thick bassline intro that leads into a famous Latin melody to a groovy Latin House drop that will have the whole club doing the salsa. With the last drop, Darien G toss in the Jersey Club style with the Latin/Cumbia trumpets. The next track, 'Baila' is upbeat and brings out the Spanish in all of us with the shakers in the drop and the trumpets blending together. The vocals provide a solid vibe all over. To round out the EP, 'Colombia Vibe' uses elements of Acid House mixed with the Latin House with throbbing kicks and the prominent trumpet that will get your hips moving!

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