Shamrock & Jackie Chain - Interstate Muzik

From the streets of Atlanta to the backroads in Alabama, the work never stops movin'. A quick trip on the interstate, always in a rental, is all that's needed to connect two emerging stars of the Southern rap scene: $hamrock, the Decatur paper-chaser, and Jackie Chain, Huntsville's favorite hustler. Their mutual affection for getting gwop and ripping apart instrumentals is no more evident than on Inter$tate Muzik, a collaborative mixtape hosted by heavyweight DJ Burn One. Boasting top-quality production and street-certified lyrical content, it's exclusive material that requires repeated play for the long highways.
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8:17 AM September 6, 2012 MR24K said:

Jackie be going off on all his tracks real recognize real.
11:09 AM February 9, 2012 KoolaidCrush said:

lol his album still ain't even gold yelawolf didn't save ****
3:59 PM February 22, 2011 Highasfuck420allday said:

yelawolf saved white boys in hip hop
12:03 PM November 25, 2010 schoolyarddopefiends said:

dont kno wat ya'll niggas are saying.....dey pretty gud
11:49 PM September 22, 2009 budkilla said:

They ****ING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:41 PM August 1, 2009 rrudolph said:

Didn't know Jackie Chain was from Huntsville. Homie go hard, Alabama stand up!!!
8:03 PM July 31, 2009 radames said:

34 years old boy dont dont rap manfield all day **** them white boys lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:11 AM June 15, 2009 crazycoop said:

I ****s wit these white boys