Jae Millz - All Praises Due


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1:20 AM June 15, 2016 KA1 said:

the nigga millz been nice...#Facts #NY
4:02 PM December 2, 2015 lilbonez21 said:

IDC what nobody say or hate on. this mixtape is TUFF!! Millz still is and has been a monster
4:33 PM December 1, 2015 somedude8403 said:

Slept on just because he not all in the media.
8:17 AM November 28, 2015 dopekidmydst via iOS App:

Please don't disappoint used to listen to jm all the time then stopped. Maybe I'll listen adternrjso
1:09 PM November 27, 2015 Yourundacovaluvaasucker via Mobile:

This nigga flame
1:08 PM November 27, 2015 Reginelli said:

FINALLY!!!! Got some more Millz. I already know its going to be hot. About to download it right now.
10:58 PM November 26, 2015 sgamer said:

damn fools are gonna sleep on this and that is sad
7:40 PM November 26, 2015 Yourundacovaluvaasucker via Mobile:

He kool