Future x Mike WiLL Made-It - Ape Sh!t

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3:34 PM May 28, 2018 southern_recipe91 said:

They broke those songs up . He released some individually and put some on albums and mixtapes since then.. some got caught on that hard drive esco got caught with..
3:43 PM April 27, 2018 Riasi via Android App:

when drops this ****
7:59 PM June 2, 2017 cleven84 said:

I can't wait for this to come out now because that gotti make it is tha truth
9:53 PM February 2, 2017 hayden2230 via iOS App:

Man these niggas were saying they had a whole lotta records to release 2 + years back now. They'd have to do a fresh batch by now if they were going to release !
5:09 PM February 1, 2017 NathanW16 via iOS App:

Still waiting
12:00 AM January 10, 2017 FBGAlexander via iOS App:

6:08 PM January 9, 2017 djpositron said:

Ain't that about a *****..
2:41 AM July 24, 2016 tdbaldwin1998 via iOS App:

Man ****in drop this **** already. This and Monster 2 been up for like 2 yrs almost