Soulja Boy - Tell Em TV

DJs: DJ Woogie
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12:27 PM December 23, 2011 tubboat said:

my man got the juice
9:18 PM November 18, 2011 ss1717 said:

check out long journey on death note mixtape[tough azz beat]
7:21 PM July 1, 2011 Dupard18 said:

5:47 PM June 16, 2011 macsoccer21 said:

I **** With Soulja Boyy
3:06 AM January 23, 2011 DeuceSquad said:

soulja has really lacked dowwwn, he needs to boost his hypness, and sometimes his lyrics but he is still tight
12:02 PM January 7, 2011 Doing_It said:

Yall for real chill out wit the hatin on Soulja. He tryin to get up his game and he really doin it. He be makin bangin *** **** though, for real! So keep it comin boy.
2:48 AM December 21, 2010 jballa1017 said:

soulja go hard f*ck all yall lame broke ni*gas
2:18 AM November 26, 2010 woody_2nas said:

they say nothin but bull**** on tv so does this ***** lol