Notorious B.I.G. - Something To Remember

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9:59 PM April 23, 2013 muzicluva247 said:

both was great reguardless
10:36 PM April 10, 2013 D_shields said:

R.I.P. notorious B.I.G. EA5T5IDE AL DAY
10:41 PM July 30, 2012 mikedubya said:

Biggie Was Good On Wax,
Pac was Good OnWax And Paper....
12:09 PM June 21, 2011 KEITHCOOPER48 said:

5:15 AM March 24, 2011 T_G_O_D_26 said:

Yu cnt really say 1z betta den that other big wuz more gifted he had a betta flow but pac spit frm tha heart n it wuz real **** so its jus diffrnt styles
6:17 PM December 14, 2010 KungFuAsian said:

2Pac.....Let me know when your on Big's Level.
10:26 AM October 12, 2010 dr3wisback said:

pac and biggie were at the top of their game may they rest in peace with all the other greatest that worked hard
5:35 PM February 6, 2010 philywonka said:

pac and biggie both r the best p