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5:24 PM December 9, 2015 EastRogersPark1 via Mobile:

The guy below me trippin. The song klepac got goes in. Beat slap. Same for that track that got chalie boy on it.
But he right about those other songs.
1:26 PM December 9, 2015 Dr3Dubb via Mobile:

Nice mix tape 6 8 10 16 some bangers

12 and 17 dumpster juice just being honest
11:49 AM December 8, 2015 klepac said:

Appreciate the love. Yall check out everyone else's music on here as well. Great potential all over the tape.
3:09 PM December 7, 2015 RGIIII via Mobile:

Klepac at it again. Shout out from Chicago
8:25 AM December 7, 2015 BBRROOGGOODD via Mobile:

7:26 PM December 6, 2015 NikeJordan via Mobile:

Don't know the other people. But ups to klepac for hosting again! I guess they all from the same place
7:17 PM December 6, 2015 LostMyMind said:

Klepac hosting once again!!! He doing everything. 5 mixtapes in a month again!!!