The Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable (The Notorious Edition)

Two years ago... we released what many considered a classic mixtape... Unbelievable... a carefully chosen selection of blends and reproductions that many considered music Biggie would actually have chosen in 2007. After adding a multitude of guest vocals, we received the ultimate blessing... hosting by Puff! And the rest is history...

However... 2 years later, we wanted to update/add-on/revise our project and take it even further... in honor of the new Biggie movie. So we present... Unbelievable: The Notorious Edition... all your favorite songs from the original mix... plus new joints featuring Redman, Sheek, Gravy (yes, that Gravy) and more.

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12:48 PM February 21, 2017 junmack said:

5:47 PM April 3, 2011 mjweed420 said:

"either you slang crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot" R.I.P Biggie Brooklyn all day AZ still holding it down
8:13 PM November 15, 2009 mario_costa said:

this mixtape is that smack B.I.G
5:25 PM November 4, 2009 BlahHead818 said:

Ol Girl On Da Last Track Sound Like Eve
Gudd Mixtape Doe.
3:10 PM September 28, 2009 CD3H said:

this mixtape is that smack...biggie r.i.p
12:01 PM June 3, 2009 money16 said:

di5 5hit and zOne 5ix gO hard
3:20 PM February 20, 2009 trollface321 said:

holy biggie reincarnated
5:33 PM January 28, 2009 rmoney15 said:

wisconsin we go hard!