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Rico Richie - Realest Story Ever Told 2


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9:40 AM November 27, 2016 BernieMadeoff7 via Mobile:

Wax tha mixtape
4:02 PM December 27, 2015 KillaBeastMode said:

It's okay. He has great production and hit and miss on his lyrics. Gotta work on his craft so more.
3:26 PM December 27, 2015 jawansanchez said:

The **** only 104 on the score? This joint is heat
7:53 PM December 23, 2015 lbjoshbal via iOS App:

No doubt this tape is HOT. Wish they had better mixing on the sounds though.
6:55 PM December 23, 2015 ZONE3LOC via iOS App:

Dis **** is hard bru
6:00 PM December 23, 2015 Skamcity_tay via iOS App:

6:02 AM December 23, 2015 floridachris123 said:

he gets good beats but hs flow is nothing cool sounding its to generic,atleast chif keif,migos,youngdolph,gucci,scooter have a distinct sound this sound like every other rapper but this dude gets fire beats all the time
3:36 PM December 22, 2015 usagainstdaworld said:

50 wanna sign him he's made that pretty clear in interviews but i don't think rico wanna sign to him or he woulda been made that move