Rasterinha 3

After presenting the movement of rasterinha in 2014 with two albums, and more than 20 songs released, the Funk in Box chose to observe the growing movement. After more than a year, we came back with a new release, this time, rescuing the origins of funk. Always look forward to Funk. We like the changes that arise and the different views that producers have the funk. In vol.1 and vol.2, different songs sound completely electronic form, avoiding the elements that inaugurated the carioca funk: quick and easy lyrics, and dance mood. Thus, in vol.3 we invite producers and MCs that would create that line. There are 4 new songs, with the artists: DJ Tide and Mc Tha, Pachamama, Mc R1, ChuCko and other 4 already launched during the year, with producers: Carlos and Maffalda, Chernobyl and Jimmy Luv, Kill the Bass and Dj LB While rasterinha already established its name in the Global Bass movement on the dance circuit funk it got its secondary role, with an option for artists who opt for a more dance music.

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