Ft. Slim 400


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4:24 PM January 17, 2016 jaydotson via iOS App:

I'm sorry but dat west coast style **** dead af bro on some rs
3:50 PM January 2, 2016 J_DA_KING via iOS App:

Moccs I'm BDN but I got an education shorty. I'm might not have a degree but I'm have a job. I got 2 nephews that look up to me. I treat them like my own. Them shorties mean the world to me
11:00 AM December 31, 2015 ldee2163 via Mobile:

Slim 400 is that you
11:42 AM December 29, 2015 chicuervo via Mobile:

Moccs str8 hater
12:00 AM December 29, 2015 MOCCS said:

Gang members are dropouts, lowlife losers. Anyone can put on a rag and pack a gun. Get a degree, get a job, do something with ya life.
12:48 PM December 27, 2015 Mayweathermusic said:

400 !!!!!!!!!! Fire
3:29 AM December 25, 2015 quintin270 said:

iFux wit Slim Foe. I was on tha clock yesterday, with dat "Bompton City G's" on repeat.
1:23 AM December 25, 2015 dmoneyfvsu said:

**** Tanks TTK ***** slim 400 trash

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