Jim Jones & Juelz Santana - Beyond The Ballin

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11:29 PM June 1, 2010 Kayj16 said:

hell ****n yeah brah yahll niggas kno dat **** hot! if i wasnt dat nigga wouldnt b balln yahll broke *** niggas need 2 pull yah skirt down yah shown yah ***** qualities!
9:48 AM October 20, 2009 c91oop said:

yall niggas is da reason he makin wit all dat hatin yall be doin if u dont like him so much y u checkin his mixtapes
9:06 PM July 14, 2009 atlantamusic said:

3:02 PM February 16, 2009 drgotenks said:

jenny jones and julie santana are ****ing done......these guys are pure homo and are garbage....no camron no dipset and max b is killin'em
10:33 AM January 31, 2009 courtne226 said:

Dips aint nuttin wit out Juelz !!!
4:47 PM January 27, 2009 DeAngelo7 said:

dips wack without cam and me
10:07 AM January 27, 2009 tacho said:

jim jones is wack i dont see how he's famous he cant rap for **** and he also sounds like he stuffen a **** in his throat
12:25 AM January 27, 2009 Jmoney816 said:

jim is weak but i can ****s with juelz