The Sound Of Victory

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9:17 PM June 21, 2011 JumpJunkieJoe said:

Why is this in the negatives?
8:17 PM May 21, 2011 gaddisiah said:

14 go hard wu tang what up doe lol i dont know what the **** he saying but bom bom
8:14 PM May 21, 2011 gaddisiah said:

hold on hold on this **** is fire i ****s with it! real rude boi lmao i ****s with it tho detroit in this *****
8:13 PM May 21, 2011 gaddisiah said:

i dont know what i clicked on but im out of here! top shotta! real bad mon lmmfao
10:07 PM November 5, 2010 dmilhouse said:

gucci is a crack head bricksquad that he does tha bricks he dont sell di brick ya lame
5:58 PM July 9, 2010 juanniqqa said:

trash **** **** dis dumb *** mixtape brick sqaud all day
2:25 PM January 25, 2009 sodramatic said:

12:02 PM January 23, 2009 hoodfella45 said:

jamaica has the highest murder rate in tha world so if any body talkin bout shootin nikkas dese nikkas really mean it