D De Niro - Trappy Holidays 2

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12:08 PM January 10, 2016 harssh1 said:

crazy production decent lyrics keep workin
7:47 AM December 30, 2015 5limeballboolin said:

nigga 5aid poCKet5 5tuffed ju5t like 5tuffin lame a55 nigga fix your ear5 FREE BLOODY JAY THOUGH NOTHING BIGGER THAN THE B 👌👌👌 #BLATBLATBLAT #FREEPETE #SMM
2:51 AM December 30, 2015 hiphopnewz said:

evrybody a rapper....I guess a dope beat....robitussin aka fake lean.....will make you famous.....I will stuff you like stuffing wtf....
12:15 AM December 30, 2015 LOWSA via Mobile:

Just like boosie
11:10 PM December 29, 2015 Mr30witda30 via Mobile:

im sorry I cant listen to this nigga voice bruh