New York We Get It In

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8:22 AM January 28, 2009 Will78 said:

Look at the Scores for the North----------Look at the Vote for the North------- Now look at the scores and votes for the South.( People lie, numbers don't) It is what it is.
1:10 PM January 27, 2009 fcbarca5 said:

to compare miami with new york rap is foolish....dumbass niggas
10:46 PM January 26, 2009 RAERAEIZZ919 said:

thats why new york aint on top of rap now cuz niggas like Ea5t5ide031 just wait ya ****in turn....
5:27 AM January 26, 2009 cashflowzay said:

2:24 AM January 26, 2009 Ea5t5ide031 said:

NY Fathered Thi5 Whole 5hit **** WhaCK A55 5outh Nigga5 Mutha ****a5 Ruined Rap
9:37 PM January 25, 2009 bronxbomber4 said:

and new york we get it in, if you doubt it just ask your girl nigga
9:36 PM January 25, 2009 bronxbomber4 said:

aint any south rapper especially from MIA ****ing with any true m.c from the north. from fab to pap, joell ortiz, busta and jada. thats only naming ones on the mixtape. gucci maine who? please..
11:47 AM January 25, 2009 cashflowzay said:

am from the south miami and all them niggas talk about is what they got all dam day but this the funny thing why they ant putin u dum *** niggas up on game how to get that ****?