Freeway - Fear Of A Free Planet

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10:50 PM January 13, 2016 newYittymyCity said:

have yall heard of this new drug called flakka?beginning of the end my friends
7:58 AM January 13, 2016 newYittymyCity said:

dlove .****s are meant for *****es to ride.
7:56 AM January 13, 2016 newYittymyCity said:

nah you right atl go download some migos this aint on your level KID
10:36 PM January 11, 2016 dlove209 said:

LOLOLOLOL @1atlkid
5:49 PM January 11, 2016 1Atlkid said:

Damn, came to see if this was worth downloading but it looks like a damn CNN comment section. I'll pass on ol' Freeway.
1:11 PM January 11, 2016 Rapfiend89 said:

In my opinion, Freeway is one of most underrated lyricists in the game. The mixtape was fire, and songs #2, #3, #4, & #10 spoke the truth.
12:27 PM January 11, 2016 stacks856 said:

Philly Freezer! Aint nothing like street music!
5:50 AM January 11, 2016 newYittymyCity said:

and he has a voice that many people can hear.