Aye Records & Muevelo - This Is Bubblin'

Aye Records & Muevelo proudly brings you a compilation like no other. 'This Is Bubblin V.1' is now available for download!! Wait, but what is bubbling? Bubbling happens to go way back to the 90's. It began by DJ Moortje. It was this a new and unique genre that was taken as a joke in Holland and people never really accredit it. Yet, it influenced so many people to push the genre worldwide. DJ Chuckie, Naffie, Shaun D, DJ Bigga, and of course, Munchi have spread bubbling all around. Do Some Research! The genre has been kept lit by Munchi himself, who then influenced many producers to keep the fire going. It was amazing to see how many producers did not know what bubbling was. Those who knew about it definitely had to be on this comp. Hoodie, Ultra Cat, KiD KOBRA, Rathero, LosXL, INDISA, Wost, Black Puma, & PurpleMonkay. This 9 track compilation will show you how bubbling can be infused with other genres. This Is Bubblin compilation is dedicated to Munchi.

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