Lil Reese - 300 Degrezz

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3:57 PM August 13, 2017 Cj_Max via Mobile:

nah reese said he done wit rap.. he aint been that good lately anyways. GBE jus aint wat it use to be.
2:42 PM June 7, 2017 BellicKeys said:

7 and 9 are the only hard tracks on this imo, I'm awaiting Supa Savage 3
3:15 PM June 5, 2017 hotwintercoldsummer via Android App:

hard af
11:59 PM September 5, 2016 tdbaldwin1998 via iOS App:

1,3,7,9 my favorites
1:08 AM July 26, 2016 avantfrank said:

Got to have the smooth beat game
1:07 AM July 26, 2016 avantfrank said:

A Reese tell them niggas I can't catch all of ya but I can make a example out of a couple everybody down with know me know they down with me 300 niggas ha ha
2:43 AM July 24, 2016 tdbaldwin1998 via iOS App:

I hope Supa Savage 3 💯🔥 this tape was straight but not Reese's best work.
2:22 PM January 23, 2016 moe_lester said:

The beat has already ben used on track 7. It wasnt as good this time