Trap Wars: Episode I (Mayhem & Antiserum VS. Flosstradamus)

Certified Trap presents: TRAP WARS VOL 1 - Mayhem & Antiserum VS. Flosstradamus! The EDM Trap Gods go track for track in an all out battle. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Battle will last 60 minutes. Songs will be selected from artists entire catalog. Artists tracks will be played back to back. Only originals (no remixes from other producers). WHO GOES HARDEST IN THE UNIVERSE??? YOU DECIDE!!!

Who goes hardest in the Universe? Place your vote:

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10:04 AM March 29, 2016 jorgereflexiones said:

muy buena calidad de sonido!!!
7:43 PM February 5, 2016 TheVibeLife said:

some of the sickest forreal
4:41 PM January 29, 2016 E_Down said:

This **** is crazy! I love it. Looking forward to the next one.
1:47 PM January 29, 2016 TrillShitOnly said:

cant wait for the next one !
12:51 AM January 29, 2016 melparadise said:

this is so good I can't stop listening to it THANK U!!!
2:45 PM January 28, 2016 tillamonsta said:

@cunextuesday I understand what you mean about fillin in the tracks, but this is the best way to respect the artists regarding their 'for sale' tracks. I think it's dope Clubtapes has ability to link to buy pages if that's their wish
2:24 PM January 28, 2016 FOHbish said:

I listen to both styles of trap and I'm LOVING THIS MIX do this more often
2:39 AM January 28, 2016 cunextuesday said:

and the flow would be tight if the songs wouldn't have to load which is normal if u stream.
and no 2 this ain't a ALBUM, it's a ****in MIXTAPE. so quit bein fussy about it