Kcane Markco - iTRUvian Man

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1:07 PM February 12, 2016 ShesFlame said:

how did i just hear thissssss! love She on her shhhhit
5:49 PM January 31, 2016 Smoketoker said:

I like the songs for the ladiez, fuxx wit dis. heart Maya Angelous! I be on my shhhhh!
4:21 PM January 30, 2016 reeces574 said:

i don't care what he is saying ooooooh i love that voice!
11:13 PM January 28, 2016 Headhiphopbos said:

I didnt like the whole tape but i did like number 13 and 14. he is on to something. Make a mixtape wit sungs like those and i may change my mind
9:03 PM January 28, 2016 datboygotit said:

I cannot hate. This is good. Well put together. What movie are the clipz from? Anyone know??
8:54 PM January 28, 2016 Pinkrocket said:

SHE GONE BE ALRIGHT MADE MII CRY! its very real. this kid is gud. Luv this
8:46 PM January 28, 2016 Lashaylia34 said:

i f'in love Ms Pretty Face~~! thats my 2016 anthem ii swear!
8:56 AM January 28, 2016 aburke202 said:

Kcane Markco never disappoints. Always great musically, always great lyrically, plus he's still connected with and cares about his family, his fans, and his community. #kcanemarkco2016