Soulular - Relax

This week MalLabel Music drops a full album on you from one of the West Coast's premiere Space Bass junkies, Soulular. If you haven't heard of this synthetic to organic soundscape stimulator you could only have been buried deep underground for the last 3 years, because Soulular's melodies have created harmonies out to other planets as it took Glitch-Hop on a journey throughout the stars. His deep and dubby intricacies have been featured on every consistently excellent label of note in the Glitch-Hop community for very good reason while he's been touring the West and then some. Relaxing, bassy and oh-so-soulful, this newest album is another even more refined collection of atmospheric excellence. Relax is a full featured compilation of emotional experience rife with imaginative elegance as imagined through sound. Each piece continues to build on the phantasmal space odyssey he is poised to lead us on. From gentle, soothing tones to deeper, more psychedelic and robotic bass driven creations, Soulular makes sure every last peaceful melody fits snugly into these continuously seductive energies. This sexy ride through the galaxy will make many stops through your heart and mind, so just lay back and let this sensuous album make love to your ears. They will thank you.

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10:33 PM January 20, 2016 isobeatz_19 via Mobile:

A little dreamy but Actually pretty good 💯