Press Play 2

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2:51 PM August 23, 2017 jk718_ via iOS App:

4:49 PM January 16, 2016 KhozAxtivist said:

**** that nigga Sad Zeta shots fired nigga Khoz Axtivist that's my beat my song ****** Paper Chasin ain't goin no where **** wack taka aka stealing *** zeta. My nigga u need to give credit where it's due this is Khoz Axtivist
2:56 PM January 16, 2016 lgw21 said:

Same damn thing i said killjoyx23
1:46 PM January 15, 2016 Shadriquez via Mobile:

2 Stainz tho?? #Lame
10:36 PM January 14, 2016 74knowledge via Mobile:

Free my homie C-Murder #Innocent
9:17 PM January 14, 2016 DeeJayDIGGZ said:

Mike Bolduc still got that wack *** blackberry, you hoe *** ******? Can't wait to stick my **** in ya sister's *** guzzling mouth while ya Meth head Mom licks the balls w/ Slick Rick playing on repeat. ****boy
9:02 PM January 14, 2016 DeeJayDIGGZ said:

Or is it Michael Diggs..??? Either way you a ***** who ratted on 1/2 of Jersey City. That's y they shot this cracker in his ***. Whiteboy collects SSI & releases weed plates for a living. UPS is hiring, Mikey, fill out that online app
8:55 PM January 14, 2016 DeeJayDIGGZ said:

Robert F. Diggs is a ***** *** wigger culture vulture lookin like Corky from the Wonder Years ***