Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour (Chopped Not Slopped)


The long awaited ChopNotSlop remix of Sam Smith's in the Lonely Hour is finally here for your listening pleasure!

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10:43 PM February 8, 2016 neurosis via Mobile:

Aye I ****s with it. #screwhead did ya thing with this one...
10:27 AM January 24, 2016 N_sifuentez via Mobile:

Uhh No???!!
12:37 AM January 21, 2016 Doogie89 via iOS App:

12:09 AM January 21, 2016 Pimp_or_Die via Mobile:

Mm **** wha these niggas talking about. Keep chop not slopping what tha **** you want to. **** jam my nigga. #chopstars #screwston #ogronc #djlilsteve
11:53 AM January 20, 2016 telmah85 said:

Yes different like maybe some Do-Wop music, or Jazz. Christian/Gospel music? Still so much to tap into Chop not Slopped wise. This is not new, just gay.
10:40 AM January 20, 2016 MitchReeves2967 said:

Man these dudes have chopped well over 100 tapes after a while you gotta do something different I'm glad they are branching out this type of stuff is cool to just sit and vibe to.
5:22 PM January 19, 2016 telmah85 said:

Mane exactly. First "The Internet" now tis? Chop N Screw is for the hardcore music bass heads. We can't relate to men singing about men or women singing about women. Seems wrong.
8:58 PM January 18, 2016 ozzy93 said:

yall should do currents by tame impala album