B.o.B - F.I.R.E.

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12:15 PM May 31, 2018 Laquanimin69 via Android App:

the world is flat.
4:35 PM September 10, 2017 JJS via Mobile:

Best one of the series. One of the best tapes ive heard in my life. And i think its brilliant he shows his versatility but it relies on what ppl want to hear.
7:51 PM October 20, 2016 zellie2311 via Android App:

if u sleep #Wakeup
7:49 PM October 20, 2016 zellie2311 via Android App:

B.O.B Got one
3:53 PM June 17, 2016 Mcrem via iOS App:

****s str8 Fire... Knew #9 was long n just listened to it SUN TANNIN LIKE A REAL NIKKA😂
7:00 PM May 14, 2016 RichieLee361 via iOS App:

I ain't saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee I will spark the brain OF THOSE WHO WILL #Makaveli
7:44 PM March 1, 2016 Adre said:

One of the most underated talents, jay hood being number 2
6:56 AM February 15, 2016 rickyyy123 said:

U know u a lame *** rapper when u gotta start beef with a scientist to make people pay attention to ur no talent having *** talking bout the world is flat Lmfao dumbass nigga hahahahaha