Good Morning Guy 2

'Good Morning Guy' is a morning playlist curated by GuyATL himself based off off the music he wakes up to in the morning time and how he goes about his day. This playlist features music from multiple genre's, era's, and artists of different decades. Artists such as OutKast, Forte Bowie, Sango, Lana Del Ray, Drake, Young Thug & more. These classics were selected from various albums, mix-tapes, cut mixes, & more. Most are dry cut NO DJ drops! Put this playlist on in the morning and get your day started, and follow Guy sonically as he takes you through a normal "Guy Day". Also, be sure to check out Guy's Day In The Life vlogs featured on this page and, by searching "GuyMeetsWorld". Thanks for listening! Feel free to leave comments, negative or positive! Peace Be Unto All.

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GuyMeetsWorld DITL Vlog | Day 2 | @GuyATL

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