Spoken Bird - Liquid Soul Mantra

Spoken Bird releass 'Liquid Soul Mantra' on 1/29th, a 3-track future bass escape through glitch hop swerves, mysteriously enticing melodies, hip-hop fusions, & a signature taste of dope-fresh. A laser atmosphere is felt through bass as one can feel an emerging journey, a meditation through mantras revealing nocturnal moments of clarity. Liquid Soul Mantra is a glitch emergence, your body is the tool, your soul is in the tool, and the now moment is your spirituality. Through this mantra, let Spoken Bird's sonic awakenings open up a path. Blending poly-tempo, eclectic headnodic beats that captivate the listener, Spoken Bird takes his listeners on an auditory journey painting pictures on silence with sound waves. Prepare for full body vibratory orgasms as the bass waves wash over you, massaging mind, body and soul. An eclectic producer, he's also Co-Founder of Chillage Records, a bass and glitch-hop label stemming from the West Coast.

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