Baby Main - Maintain EP

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6:39 PM February 18, 2016 MOJOMATT said:

Damn when the bass hit on One More Cup it shocked me. That is music you can vibe to right there.
3:57 PM February 18, 2016 crazeedaizee said:

Very cool... manages to be both chill and intense at the same time. My favorite track is definitely Crazy.
2:42 PM February 18, 2016 RitcheyRich said:

Crazy is an awesome mix of eerie and a cool beat. Lovin it! Cool mixtape. We need more like this.
2:39 PM February 18, 2016 mimi665 said:

loving this! track two is my fave
1:17 PM February 18, 2016 happysnappy said:

It has an interesting intro.
10:11 AM February 18, 2016 beachgirl said:

Crazy is just that...Crazy good!
10:04 AM February 18, 2016 Neethu said:

Killin' is rocking track.Very simple and understandable lyrics.
8:31 AM February 18, 2016 davemw28 said:

Killin' is a great track to unwind to. Please continue to share these, they're great!