Bino Brown - Straight Out The Carter

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6:49 PM September 17, 2018 Shop24ceo via Android App:

Maintain was a good song.. Yeah he an da back burner
5:53 PM September 3, 2018 NWSSWAGG said:

i can tell this gonna be trash 100%
3:30 PM August 13, 2018 11roop2423 via Mobile:

Ya'll can take this off now, this is never dropping
3:11 AM March 10, 2018 draydrizza said:

Nigga sent us on a dummy mission 😂😂
5:24 AM February 21, 2018 baystyle said:

Dis nigguh ain't P.R.E. no moe y'all can take this down he got dropped like ah thot bih clothes
6:49 PM February 2, 2018 Gar912 via iOS App:

Glock and Fizzle dine dropped 2 mixtapes and this nigga haven’t even dropped his first one yet lol
12:16 PM January 8, 2018 11roop2423 via Mobile:

He doesn't even have that twitter no more, you know this not dropping
3:16 AM December 30, 2017 G_Boii_DK said:

**** this err body forgot about this niqqa, a damn year 2 drop a mixtape?? trash rapper can't come up whit **** to say