Caskey - Black Sheep 3

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1:14 PM April 26, 2016 CartyStation via Mobile:

#4 #10
1:50 PM March 10, 2016 richroyal09 said:

****s hardbody i fuks wit cas
2:55 AM March 2, 2016 hazzzeyj via Mobile:

All his his sht been jumpin tho Caskey ifwu
1:33 AM February 20, 2016 Polofresh6919 said:

4:18 PM February 19, 2016 JohnBoi22 said:

he lost his swag dis mixtape sucks i started listining to him fro mgk but he dont rap da same birdman got him tweekin so he can put out wack **** nd shelf caskey cuz spittin how he does u neva loose it
1:04 PM February 15, 2016 daltonlum43 via Android App:

oh my god not a single song on this tape I won't bump this could be a ****ing album and I'd buy that **** 🔥
9:07 AM February 13, 2016 tonetone248 via Mobile:

I ****s with you. Lose myself
11:19 PM February 12, 2016 jlowe405 via Mobile:

Oky i thought he'd hit his peak. Shoutout #BS