Rise & Grind 5 (Hosted By OJ Da Juiceman)

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4:03 PM February 21, 2016 Bahrbeeb via Mobile:

Couldn't make myself hear a full song....😕 can't find a throw up emogi... I'm just being honest...
9:28 PM February 19, 2016 radricdavis2 via Mobile:

1st... jumen... hard af
4:18 PM February 18, 2016 shawnkraz via Mobile:

Get em juice love from Buffalo new york
12:32 PM February 18, 2016 hotstuff11 said:

DAMN juice went "boulder crest day" on this
10:11 PM February 17, 2016 EasyMoney910 via Mobile:

OJ The Juiceman looks like a ****ing crack head on this cover tho....this nigga must of forgot bout the ten crack commandments, never get high on your own supply
8:18 PM February 17, 2016 floridachris123 said:

most deff juice is the bomb man a trap legend wish shaty lo would come back someday
7:43 PM February 17, 2016 mastamindatl via Mobile:

#6 Sound like Young Thug - Power
7:40 PM February 17, 2016 mastamindatl via Mobile: