Kush The Great - Digital Romance LP

'Love is a lot more than the 0's and 1's that seem to dictate todays ever changing technological world. "Digital Romance" by Kush the Great explores the in betweens of romantic practices in this new millennia. Starting from feelings of alienation on "These Days" and onto the joyous discovery of "Online Dating" from the safety of his own laptop screen, the highs and lows come colored with clever word play and ingenious sampling. "Narcoticos" employs one such sample of a Latin music classic then segways into a Jersey club influenced "All Out," both songs commenting on the marijuana culture of young millennials. "Timewitit" is somewhat of a three movement intermission piece that playfully shifts styles in each segment. By the end of the project the listener finds the artist exploring full digital territory through the uses of 8 bit synths and vocoders, signaling his rejection of the feelings of love and romance. Although ending on a seemingly low note, there's surprises in store at the end that shine a beam of hope on the narrative. Digital Romance (while being very ambitious in scope) provides an excellent primer for the extraordinary talents of not only Kush but his Dead Rebel Society and Thread Imprint comrades, some of which are featured on this tape. Furthermore the aural vision that has been presented by Kush will leave listeners fervently wanting to hear what's next..' -E

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