Westcoast Countdown 18

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1:40 AM February 26, 2016 drahfy said:

this is better. usually live mixtapes be slippin when it come to the West. i see Cousin Fik on here.
12:53 PM February 24, 2016 N_sifuentez via Mobile:

Ezale needs to make some nu nu that track #5 is hela ol
9:15 PM February 23, 2016 stokesjhakeece via Mobile:

Iamsu allday day west coast#
7:09 PM February 23, 2016 islandbwy via Android App:

I hate that niggas can't expand on what they listen to I'm a trap head but the bay and Westside period **** be hittin
4:36 PM February 23, 2016 cheesemanswife89 said:

This **** is garbage
12:51 PM February 23, 2016 pswaggart via Mobile:

Wtf is this sh*t