Tazforte - Muddy Fanta

DJs: Dj Jazz
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12:57 PM April 12, 2016 Playasfirst via iOS App:

Who are you sign to ??????come to epic records we will take care of you over here
9:59 AM March 19, 2016 Bostonbake1 said:

The whole mixtape 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👽👽👽👽 I think Tazforte will be bigger than future keep the flames coming Taz
10:56 PM February 26, 2016 ybc via Mobile:

Check On Me Right Now
6:17 PM February 26, 2016 Flavaflava via Mobile:

I swear the hardest tape I done heard on Indy turn up Tazforte you the man
2:45 PM February 26, 2016 fortedarnell via Mobile: