Best Of Both Worlds (CIAA Edition)

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2:24 PM April 27, 2016 Legendary410 said:

To all artist dont spend no $$ with. Dj edub snake *** nigga played me out of $1000 paid fake companies to get fake views and votes dragging. His feet and running off with a petty *** $1000 **** nigga
2:47 AM February 29, 2016 fukyomixtape said:

A.ssociation of

Edition Damn shame....
8:17 PM February 28, 2016 Kno_Ink23 said:

No doubt YFB
3:40 PM February 28, 2016 YFBCEOSYMBA said:

Bro, how do you have a CIAA edition and not have any Charlotte artists on the tape?