Lil Flip - Timeless VII (Devin The Dude Tribute)

DJs: Sam Hoody
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1:05 PM March 13, 2016 penn0711 said:

That "Leprechaun" FLIP is back! That "Freestyle King" Flow back!!!!
5:02 AM March 11, 2016 SMOKEDOUTPLUTO1017 via Mobile:

"Hey bruh did you get that new Lil Flip mixtape" - said no1 ever
4:14 PM March 9, 2016 traedaye30 via Mobile:

"Flip" .....You should had kept this flow!!! Good ****, Welcome back....
6:43 PM March 8, 2016 satxbreed said:

gotdamn flippa u went back to 2000 on em, i **** wit it
6:05 PM March 8, 2016 dreal1985 via Mobile:

where this lil flip been guess who's back dope **** flip
10:03 PM March 7, 2016 Javito said:

T.I. been too busy cooperating with the feds
8:13 PM March 7, 2016 N_sifuentez via Mobile:

T.i been too busy collabing with iggy azalea
7:07 PM March 7, 2016 MrMarcus83 via Mobile:

Flip lyrics sound a lot better than they used to. Devin The Dude was Super Cool with Da Flow Tho...