Young Dolph - King Of Memphis (Chopped Not Slopped)


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10:51 AM September 25, 2016 FameMoney23 via iOS App:

Straight up hear niggas hate!! Dolph the truth FUK these broke niggas#chopstars
10:11 AM August 31, 2016 devilsplayground via Android App:

5:38 PM April 28, 2016 baddiebre28 via Mobile:

Love it!!! 😜
6:01 PM March 15, 2016 luisgp via Mobile:

The point is y'all some ****boiis. You don't like the music don't click on the mixtape. You took the time out your day to come here and hate. Hating *** MF
4:27 PM March 12, 2016 Elnigreto via Mobile:

Young dolphin is the truth!
3:19 PM March 12, 2016 Onevs1 said:

Yall niggas are some idiots lol. Everything has an ****ing reason. Slowed Music/ trap rap and oldschool R&B is the only thing I play.
3:17 PM March 12, 2016 Onevs1 said:

ThreeSixtyWave, SMOKEDOUTPLUTO1017,
When your under the influence of an downer downer drug your cognitive abilities slower and even your heart rate. So when you hear the slower pace of the beat, it seems normal when your under the influence.
4:55 AM March 11, 2016 SMOKEDOUTPLUTO1017 via Mobile:

ThreeSixtyWave There is no point, it's stupid & annoying af

The download will start in seconds