Jerdy Montana - Ain't Never Had Shit

DJs: DJ Omezy
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12:59 PM April 14, 2016 tbellT via Mobile:

Fye *** Tracklist🔥🔥🔥🔥
1:46 AM April 9, 2016 slimthicktianna via Mobile:

Just listened to your whole Tape boo😍 and I love it!🔥 you ☝next!
8:32 PM April 5, 2016 dboimoe4 via Mobile:

Keep grinding my boi your next up period.
11:46 AM April 1, 2016 rhood25 via Mobile:

Real Nigga I Can Relate To This.
10:23 AM April 1, 2016 amoniCash via Mobile:

Bro told a story Brentwood apartments I'm proud of you...
10:03 AM April 1, 2016 alexglove via Mobile:

Met this nigga off campbellton he gave me a CD and the rest was history just know I ****ing with you home tape 🔥
4:05 PM March 29, 2016 jabariSegal via Mobile:

Salute To My Bro Jerdy On A Great Tape..I'm ****in With All of the song bro💯💪
8:55 PM March 28, 2016 jasminefuller via Mobile:

Why you didn't put My Girl On Here or how can I down load that song