David Banner - Before The Box

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12:08 PM December 29, 2016 Mcrem via iOS App:

Nigga racist as ****😂💯
3:51 AM July 3, 2016 jrocafella06 via Mobile:

Track 10 "Warrior" gave me instant chills, eyes watered almost dropped a tear lol. I don't even know what to say....
4:33 PM June 4, 2016 kill4em said:

David Banner is a leader and he's in the Documentary Hidden Colors. I SUPPORT!
9:12 PM May 15, 2016 Fire_Thief said:

David Banner is one of the most outspoken racists in Hip Hop today. Yet I can't deny that his music goes HARD! His latest mixtape goes in. It's a big F U to the white race, but still... the man got southern flows for days.
5:20 AM May 9, 2016 Ruffless1017 via Mobile:

2:03 PM April 2, 2016 faverek via Mobile:

Good work
1:35 PM March 28, 2016 havek said:

11:05 PM March 27, 2016 beegee662901 via Mobile:

Got damn #10 you saying come get me mane woo boy you went off