Azealia Banks - SLAY-Z

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6:11 PM December 24, 2016 dev1989 said:

lollll "poor womans nicki"
3:33 AM November 25, 2016 GLOYOO said:

Love u boo boo I'm bump n it my bae F.E.B
3:04 PM June 14, 2016 tlmass via iOS App:

Its funny how many ppl hate on her
10:01 PM June 9, 2016 Strizzo_The_Great said:

Not nan one banger on this. Ross couldn't save her. She is a poor poor women's Nicki
9:26 PM May 23, 2016 luvdabass313 via iOS App:

She got more talent than a lot of y'all favorite "artists" out here. This tape is different, but it's good. Plus I'd **** the **** outta her angry ***. She turn me on when she get to talking her ****.
7:00 PM April 26, 2016 loosec via Mobile:

Daaammmnnnn -89. I ain't neva seen dat. Maybe cuz I'm from da country or dis ***** really wack or she got alota haters.
6:29 AM April 17, 2016 FlyInternationalSwag said:

Damn -76 first time I see that in 5 years
2:54 PM April 14, 2016 myronmlls via iOS App:

Yall hating like ****! Azealia went awf on thisssss!!!